Area E – Snohomish County

 including Everett, Marysville, Arlington, Warm Beach, Stanwood, Edmonds, Mukilteo


The most prominent waterfront in this area is Camano Island. Reached by a land bridge from Stanwood, it is ‘commutable’ to Seattle and Bellevue and lots of folks do it. There are a lot of telecommuters here, too, and many who work, say, three days in Seattle and two days at home. Much of Camano island is high bank, but there are a few really nice low bank areas, especially on the east side. The center of the island is rural, with some nice small farms. Camano Island has no industry, so it’s mostly summer homes and retirees, with a few hearty souls who commute. (Hey, sometimes it’s faster from Camano to Bellevue than Seattle to Bellevue — seriously!!)

     Also in this area is a wonderful small neighborhood called Warm Beach. It was the ‘summer home’ community for Everett and the views and beaches are great here. Lake Stevens and Lake Goodwin are the big lakes and very affordable; there are also a lot of little lakes that are fun for getaway cabins.

     Everett has little or no waterfront — mostly industrial. South of Everett is Mukilteo and Edmonds, both with water view properties that are outstanding. Some of the best buys in water view are in these neighborhoods. I love Edmonds — the feel of a small town with all the amenities of a city, including wonderful restaurants, shops, and nice streets for just walking. The ferry to Kingston takes off from Edmonds.

     Favorite thing about this area? Edmonds. I’d live there — as long as I had a beach cabin somewhere.

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